Northwave Evolution SBS Road Shoes 2013 Road Shoes

Northwave Evolution SBS Road Shoes 2013 Road Shoes

3 Layer Full Carbon Sole The three carbon layers drastically reduce thickness, decreasing the distance between the foot and pedal and increasing stiffness. AirFlow vents in the sole provide an improved supply of fresh air and prevent the sole from overheating. Wood Soul The WLI (Wood Lasting Insole) wooden arch support is a Northwave exclusive: its the added value in our shoes. The bonded layers of wood reduce vibrations and insulate the foot from any possible overheating of the sole. The structure offers flexibility to adapt to the shape of the foot, and stiffness for enhanced power transmission to the pedals. Performance Pro Footbed EVA and microfiber offer lightness, sole support and the perfect degree of stiffness to transmit all your power to the pedals. Thermowelded Upper No stitching and no overlapping materials. This means the upper and its thermowelded side protections envelop your foot, binding and supporting it on all your toughest rides. Omega Heel The Omega Heel gives more ventilation, grip and heel protection even with full-power downstrokes. The rigid profile offers stability combined with an ultralight design. S.B.S. The micrometric system that guarantees you precision closure. You control how pressure on the instep strap is released step by step, even when racing. The Tenso Strap with its over-injected material, the strap is lighter and thinner so the shoe fastens quickly and precisely even when racing.

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